Last week I told you about my No Spend September. Honestly, my biggest problem when it comes to saving money is spending. I usually don’t think twice if there’s something that I want to do or buy, but I should. This week I’m going to focus on ways that I plan to save money that you can use too!

saving money

Take breakfast and lunch to work everyday

I easily spend $20 a day just while I’m at work. I’m not a morning person, which means breakfast is eaten at my desk. And I get lunch out more often than not. Lunch out in DC usually means spending at least $10.

Make coffee at home

Starbucks is my weakness. Especially the cold brew and iced chai lattes. Cold brew is so easy to make at home. And while it’s a little bit of a big spend at the grocery store, buying chai concentrate is a lot cheaper than $4 a latte. Even just a regular hot coffee for a few dollars a day adds up, so make your own!

Meal plan and cook at home

Takeout and going out to eat definitely put a dent in my budget. Planning meals that use the same ingredients and buying everything I need in one shopping trip is going to make a huge difference.

Use Groupon and LivingSocial for dinners out

I don’t want to eat dinner at home every night. Groupon and LivingSocial always have great local restaurant deals. Buying vouchers are a great way to still eat out and enjoy the restaurant dining experience without spending so much money.

No shopping

I spend too much money on clothes and other things that I don’t really need. No more nonessential shopping for me.

Use coupons and shop around

There are always going to be things that you need. Whether you need toilet paper or toothpaste or cleaning supplies, shop around. Buy what’s on sale, and use coupons if you can find them.


What tips do you have for saving money?



  • It’s always so crazy to me how quickly lunches can add up! Starbucks definitely used to be my weakness too, there were days I would get it twice because I wanted a treat in the afternoon, and it’s so expensive!

    • Especially working in DC where I’m usually spending an average of $10 on lunch, it adds up too quickly! And Starbucks is way too expensive and addictive!

  • These are all great ideas for saving this month. I need to not get Starbucks as much. It’s my weakness as well!


    • Thanks, Marette! Starbucks is so good, but I’ll have to start trying my own version of some of their lattes when the weather starts to get cooler.

  • Bringing my lunch and breakfast to the office is a huge way that I save money too! It’s amazing how expensive breakfast can be to eat out, but when you make it at home it’s just so much cheaper! Meal planning will definitely help on that front too!

    • Breakfast out usually ends up being bad for me because I’ll end up at a coffee shop where I’m adding a $5 drink to whatever I’m eating. Eating out for any meal really adds up!

  • Meal planning saves me so much time and money! I make my cold brew at home and I love it so much. Another way I save money is by automating my savings, so some money goes straight to my savings account instead of my checking account. It’s like I never even had it to spend!

    • Automating your savings is such a great idea! I think even if the only thing I focus on is meal planning and making my own coffee, I’ll save so much money.

  • Zoom

    LOVE THE IDEA OF THIS! I love to save money and a witty challenge like this is a perfect motivation. Cutting out coffee saves me a bundle!

    • Thanks so much! Coffee gets so expensive! Especially when you want something fancier than black coffee.

  • All great tips! Meal planning on Sundays and bringing my lunch to work has helped me save so much money during the week. Plus it helps me to eat healthier! I do need to cutback on Starbucks though!