things i love thursday

♥ A few days of beach last week, hence the lack of posts last week. Unfortunately I have no excuse for the this week.

♥Getting my preferred shifts for work for the next three months.
♥A gorgeous new jean dress with lost of ruffles and the perfect waist belt that I can use with other dresses, etc.

♥Having a breakfast date and a lunch date in the same day. Even if I didn’t get the greek salad and iced green tea that I was craving because Panera was too busy.

♥Packing up to go back to school. It’s bittersweet because as excited as I am to go back, I’m devestated about leaving my kittens for at least two months.
♥Tumblr and weheartit finally working together so that I can post a massive amount of gorgeous photos on my tumblr.

a day at the newseum

Last weekend I spent a day at the Newseum with one of my good friends from high school, something my mom said that “only a journalism major would do.” Either way, I had a great time and it was so cool to see artifacts and old newspaper articles about things that I had learned about in class.

A collection of sports photography.
Daily front pages. They have one from each state. It amazes me that they actually take the time to switch them out every morning before they open.
A Lizzie Borden headline. I learned a lot about this case in my Media History class.
Part of their first amendment display.

i wish i could draw

If I had any talent at all, I would experiment with a sketchbook. I love looking at pictures of sketchbooks like the journals of Liyin.

Instead I have a pre-decorated journal that’s filled with text.

Instead I just have a journal filled with text and rare doodle. I wish that extra bit of talent/creativity.

things i love thursday

♥ Drinking like it’s my job. Particularly Tazo Chai Tea and green tea with mango. It’s nice to mix up the black and green teas.

♥ Spending the day at Six Flags with the perfect amusement park partner and ending the day with The Maine. Even with John being sick, they were still amazing and it was a fantastic day.

♥ Spending time with my three beautiful kittens and watching my two older ones start to get more comfortable with the new one.

 ♥ Reading all that I can in my free time. I’m reading Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants right now and loving it.

a fresh start

With the exception of my tumblr I tend to go in and out of blogging. Starting a new one usually means I won’t blog for a while, something I’ll give up in a couple weeks and then rediscover months, maybe years from now. But I’m trying to start over with this one with the hope that I’ll keep it up somehow, even if it’s just a post about things that I like on Thursdays. This can be a place for personal thoughts, photographs, and creative writing. And a place to share new ideas and other blogs that I come across. This is my place for a fresh start with everything

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